Our Story

Royal Dutch Grooming has been in business for over 30 years and since 2012 it has been owned by Katelyn McDonough-Smith. Katelyn has made many updates to Royal Dutch since becoming the owner. These updates ensure a clean and safe environment for our clientele and employees alike.

The employees at Royal Dutch are not only highly educated but they are extremely compassionate and caring. They chose this profession because of their love for animals. They have donated their talent and countless hours of their time providing grooms for the local shelters in the area. Every year a local shelter is chosen to donate goods and money to.

Royal Dutch is always looking to elevate our level of service and expertise. Our groomers participate in many hours of training every year to enhance their grooming skills. All of our groomers have a high level of scissoring proficiency and are well versed in breed standard and designer styles. We also take courses pertaining to health and skin issues. We know that we are an integral part of your pets care team and on average we will see them 3 times more a year than their veterinarian. Even though we are not able to diagnose any diseases or disorders, we have learned the appropriate products that we can use that will not exacerbate and help alleviate symptoms.

Unfortunately, there are no governing entities overseeing the grooming industry. Royal Dutch has made a conscious effort to hold our employees to higher standards. We require yearly training and certification through reputable agencies. Our groomers are certified through NDGAA, NCGIA, and IPG and we proudly display all of their certificates. We are always striving to provide the best service available.

Royal Dutch Grooming

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