Cat Grooming Services (Make Bullet Pointed)

Hair balls: When a cat licks itself, it ingests large amounts of shedding hair. Eventually the hair will come back up in the form of a hair ball. A bath and blow dry, if done on a regular basis, can significantly cut down on the number of hair balls a cat produces. In fact, when grooming takes place on a regular basis, hair ball problems can be eliminated altogether. In addition, a professional cat groomer can give your cat a lion cut or comb cut, whereby the amount of hair on their body is greatly lessened. This, in turn, reduces the amount of hair that a cat ingests while licking itself.

Mats & Dreadlocks: Cats are greasy and they shed. The combination of the two works together to create tangles, dreadlocks, and mats, which eventually evolve into pelts if not tended to in a timely manner. By giving a cat a thorough degreasing bath and blowing out the loose, shedding hair, these problems can be eliminated completely.

Dandruff: Because cats are greasy and need bathing on a regular basis, they accumulate dead, dirty, flaky skin when this is not done often enough. Dandruff is never pretty, especially on a solid black cat where it is easily seen and makes the cat look particularly dirty and unkempt. Thorough scrubbing with the right shampoos and blow dry afterward will do wonders in cleaning up a dandruffy cat.
Fleas: Fleas are a nuisance and can turn into a major problem very quickly if not eradicated early on. Having a cat professionally groomed is the first step in effectively getting rid of fleas. "Things" stuck in the coat: Whether it's litter in the paws or fecal matter and urine clinging to the rear end, anything foreign stuck to a cat's coat makes it dirty and unsanitary. A professional cat groomer can clean up the mess and give the cat a sanitary clip and/or toe tuft trim to help prevent accumulation in the weeks that follow.

Smelly, dirty coat: Cats like to look good and smell good. If you've never had your cat professionally groomed, you will be amazed at the difference in how the cat smells, looks, and behaves afterward. Imagine having a fresh, luxuriously soft and pleasingly fragrant cat snuggled up to your side!

Bad breath: No explanation is necessary. If you have a cat with bad breath, you understand. Many professional cat groomers offer teeth cleaning services such as Plaq Clnz®. Afterward, life will be more pleasant for both you and your kitty.

Long, sharp claws: Keeping your cat's nails trimmed monthly prevents damage to your skin, your furniture, and your clothing. A professional cat groomer can provide regular nail trimming as well as the special service of nail cap application. Nail caps (blunt tips that go over sharp claws) are a great alternative to declawing and will save you money by keeping your furniture looking nice for many years to come.

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